Mueller’s Pasta

When I first started this gluten free journey, I thought I was never going to eat good pasta again. Most gluten free pastas are gross. They have a sticky consistency, bad aftertaste or they turn to mush. After over 2 years of being gluten free, I feel like I have tried almost every brand of gluten free pasta out there. My absolute favorite is by Mueller’s. It’s a mixture of corn and rice, which is what makes all the difference in the world. I have made pasta dishes for company and they couldn’t tell if it was gluten free or not.   They couldn’t tell! And I know they weren’t just being polite, because they are gluten free themselves. Now that’s saying something!

Our local grocery store usually carries Mueller’s gluten free pasta, although they haven’t been carrying the spaghetti noodles in a long time.

Do you have a favorite gluten free pasta?




Chocolate Cake Mix


Homemade cakes are great and typically I prefer them to a boxed cake mix.  But let’s face it, sometimes we need something quick and reaching for a box mix in the pantry is all we have time for.  I have tried a lot of different gluten free cake mixes and most of them are okay, not bad but nothing to write home about either.

Simple Mills Chocolate Cake Mix, is in a different category though.  This is a cake mix to write home about!  I always have a box in my pantry and it is by far my favorite cake mix to date – gluten free or not!  And the best part, it’s completely grain free!  So if you follow the paleo diet, this mix works for you too!

My kids love this cake mix and I usually make cupcakes with it.  Great to have in the freezer so if my daughter needs a treat for a birthday party I can just pull one out, put some icing on it and she’s good to go.

Do you have a favorite gluten free cake mix?

Simple Mills Pizza Dough Mix



I have yet to find the perfect gluten free pizza crust. Unfortunately, I cannot have yeast in addition to gluten and dairy. Most gluten free pizza crusts have yeast so what I can have in terms of pizza is more limited than most.  But even if you can have yeast, give this pizza crust a try!

I love Simple Mills products. They are gluten free and grain free so they work great for anyone who doesn’t eat grains, like the Paleo diet. I do love this pizza dough but my daughter who also cannot have gluten, does not care for this. This pizza dough has an earthy flavor to it so I can see where it would have a strong flavor for a child.

With gluten free pizza crust, I have found that the toppings have to be the star of the show. Plain old sauce and cheese just isn’t going to cut it. So far my favorite toppings are sauce, a little bit of dairy free cheese, cooked sausage and mushrooms. Yum!

Do you have a favorite gluten free pizza crust?

Gluten Free Flour


There are so many different types of gluten free flours and they are not all created equally.  Most of the time when people are new to gluten free baking and tell me they had a recipe flop or it tastes like cardboard, I always ask, what type of flour did you use?   The problem is almost always because of the gluten free flour they are using.  In my pantry alone, I probably have 8 different types of gluten free flours.

I have found that this Pillsbury Gluten Free flour MIX is the most like regular white wheat flour.  This flour is a mix of different flours and has xanthan gum.  Having a mix of different types of flours is important in gluten free baking as is adding xanthan gum or having a mix that already has it added.  Without gluten, you will need something to act as a binder.  It also helps keep moisture in and keep your baked goods from being too crumbly.

I will be posting other gluten free flours that I use as well in the near future.  Do you have a gluten free flour that is your favorite to bake with?  Please share it in the comments!


Dairy Free Chocolate Chips


My daughters and I love these dairy/gluten free chocolate chips by Enjoy Life.  We use them in cookies, pancakes, muffins etc.  They are great melted too.  I don’t even know if there is another dairy/gluten free chocolate chip morsel out there.  I’ve never needed to look because these are so great!

We also love Enjoy Life’s other products, especially their chocolate bars.  They are great for making smore’s or if you just want a little square of chocolate!

You can buy these at any grocery store.  I have seen them at Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Lowes Foods – which are all of the local grocery stores around where I live.  I know Wegman’s carries them too.  If you can’t find them at a store near where you live, you can always buy them online.  Click here to be directed to Enjoy Life’s website.

Do you have a favorite dairy/gluten free chocolate morsel you like?

So Delicious Dairy Free Coffee Creamer

One of the first things people ask me when I tell them I am dairy/gluten free is, “What DO you eat?!”  In the beginning that statement/question used to offend me, not so much anymore.  There are lots of options out there, you just have to take some time searching for them.  But I totally get not everyone has time to do that.  When I first started this journey I was a stay at home mom, so I had the time.  Hopefully anyone new to a dairy free or gluten free lifestyle, will find this section helpful as to what products to definitely try!

On to the coffee creamer!

Over the past two years I have probably tried 10 different types of dairy free coffee creamers.  I will probably continue to try new ones as they come out because well….dairy free creamers are tough.  It’s really hard to get the flavor and consistency right.  So many dairy free creamers are too thin or have a really bad after taste.  Blech!

You also have to be careful of products that say they are dairy free, but when you read the ingredients, they really aren’t.  If you see something like SODIUM CASEINATE – nope, not dairy free.  That’s a milk protein, definitely not dairy free.

But this original coconut milk coffee creamer by So Delicious is by far the best dairy free creamer I have tried.  It does take a little more creamer to get the right taste than the dairy creamers, but that’s okay, they sell it in a quart size.  🙂


So for now, this is the coffee creamer you’ll find in my refrigerator.  If you have a dairy free coffee creamer that you love, please post it in the comments section!  I love to try new products!