Being able to eat ice cream out with the family doesn’t seem like a big deal, and for an adult it’s not.  But my daughter likes to feel like a normal kid and going out to get ice cream is something children like to do.  For a long time we didn’t think she’d be able to go to an ice cream store and get dairy free ice cream.  Then we discovered that Menchie’s always has 2 flavors that are dairy/gluten free!  They do change the “ice cream” out every few months so we get to have different flavors and they have some toppings that work too.

We have mostly seen sorbet’s but have heard that they are starting to offer vegan ice creams, which would be fabulous.  Haven’t seen that offered at our local Menchie’s yet, but would be thrilled to see it there!

Here’s the dairy/gluten free sorbet’s they offer.

Do you have a favorite dairy free ice cream place you like to visit?


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