Simple Mills Pizza Dough Mix



I have yet to find the perfect gluten free pizza crust. Unfortunately, I cannot have yeast in addition to gluten and dairy. Most gluten free pizza crusts have yeast so what I can have in terms of pizza is more limited than most.  But even if you can have yeast, give this pizza crust a try!

I love Simple Mills products. They are gluten free and grain free so they work great for anyone who doesn’t eat grains, like the Paleo diet. I do love this pizza dough but my daughter who also cannot have gluten, does not care for this. This pizza dough has an earthy flavor to it so I can see where it would have a strong flavor for a child.

With gluten free pizza crust, I have found that the toppings have to be the star of the show. Plain old sauce and cheese just isn’t going to cut it. So far my favorite toppings are sauce, a little bit of dairy free cheese, cooked sausage and mushrooms. Yum!

Do you have a favorite gluten free pizza crust?

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