Gluten Free Flour


There are so many different types of gluten free flours and they are not all created equally.  Most of the time when people are new to gluten free baking and tell me they had a recipe flop or it tastes like cardboard, I always ask, what type of flour did you use?   The problem is almost always because of the gluten free flour they are using.  In my pantry alone, I probably have 8 different types of gluten free flours.

I have found that this Pillsbury Gluten Free flour MIX is the most like regular white wheat flour.  This flour is a mix of different flours and has xanthan gum.  Having a mix of different types of flours is important in gluten free baking as is adding xanthan gum or having a mix that already has it added.  Without gluten, you will need something to act as a binder.  It also helps keep moisture in and keep your baked goods from being too crumbly.

I will be posting other gluten free flours that I use as well in the near future.  Do you have a gluten free flour that is your favorite to bake with?  Please share it in the comments!


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